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Wooded area

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This wooded garden extends over an enormous area, but is adjacent to Paris' most toney neighborhood and suburbs.

Quite a few Wooded area inside, but many are hard to get to without a car or taxi. The cascades and Jardin d'Aclimation are the most accessible.

The Bois is enormous, you can actually get lost if you go off the beaten track. There are Wooded area couple of lakes, some quite big with islands which can be reach with rowboats.

Several nice restaurants and snack stands. This is the place that is very visited by the Parisians during the weekend. At night, it is the place for prostitution.

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If you like culture you can go the the Louis vuiton foundation and look at extraodinary exhibitions A km Wooded area around the lakes makes for a lovely run through greenery and woods.

A delightful respite from the bustle of the city. It is a nice spot to take a walk at.

If you like jogging, it's even better. The Wooded area os fairly clean. I visited both times on a Sunday: I exited on a north-east road called Suresnes -- cars park all along this road to get into the park, and this is the only place where I felt a little uncomfortable walking alone. Flights Vacation Wooded area Restaurants Things to do.

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