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French bang

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Spring is here and it has made me feel a touch antsy. I knew I needed a change, and just short of changing my identity and hightailing it to Peru, I thought a haircut was a good way to go. And just as you consult French bang loved ones before all major life decisions, one must always take to Instagram before making all major hair decisions.

I, like every millennial woman ever, am partial to a bit of a French girl Instagram stalk. Their dishevelled neatness, their relaxed quintessence Ooft, if I didn't recoil at the French bang of red wine, I'd be all about that life.

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Beyond berets and French bangthe French girl starter pack seems to have expanded to include one key addition: They're earthy, they're voluminous, and they belong on my forehead pronto. My previous hair was Auburn Red, and I was very sad to say goodbye. People seemed to have a soft spot for redheads, so I didn't French bang want to forgo the girl next door vibe.

Getting a bang was the perfect compromise- it's on trend and pretty damn groovy, but still very youthful and fresh. I came to the salon armed with a plethora of photos.

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Namely of Matilda Djerf, who may be Swedish and French bang French, but her affinity for relaxed denim and frilly white tops place her neatly within the French girl realm. I knew she'd be a pretty nifty match for me with her thick hair and round face.

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Also French bang blonde is not platinum, and lord knows if you want to go immediately from red to platinum, you're gonna wanna keep dreaming. Bringing along photos is the single most important thing you can do before visiting your stylist.