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Daily LifePracticaluseful phrases. I will teach you useful phrases and vocabulary that you can use at a hair salon in Japan. It is impossible to cover everything, of course, but I will try to teach you as many useful expressions as possible.

I hope this lesson helps you communicate with a hair stylist so you can get Straight boy buzz gets blown hairstyle you want! Overall, the service of Japanese hair salons is very nice. Of course, so would the hairstylists. Since I will cover all the phrases for both men and women, you can pick the information you like. I have a reservation for 3: If you have a specific hair styling which is not so common in Japan, it is safer to ask first.

Some hair salon offer a special discount coupon that you can use if it is the first visit.

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How to get a coupon: You can get them in free town papers or websites. Almost all hair salons have a member card system. They may ask you to fill out the form before or after your haircut.

If you go to a hair salon without a reservation, they will ask you what you want: Just to add the color to make it look more natural. Nice to meet you. They know more or less what you want.

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Now it it time for you to tell them exactly what hairstyle you want. This is the hardest part. The best way is to tell them your desired hairstyle is by showing them pictures or photos. Now I will teach you bunch of vocabulary to describe your hair: There are tons of new hair styles and they change every day.

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You can indicate the length with your hand. If you want to have different lengths depending on the parts: Mjikasuginai you ni onegai shimasu.

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Point with your fingers where you want them to shave with a clipper. In Kinki area they use the number or razor.

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Choosing the clipper size. A number two clipper on the side and back. If you have some specific hair style which is not that common in Japan yet, you should prepare a picture to show the hair stylist.

Do you think you can shave me like this?

Some of my Twitter followers asked about Brazilian Blowout. At the moment, it is still a very few beauty salon where it does Brazilian Blowout. It is always safe to use their color samples and confirm the colors.

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